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Aries Constellation Necklace

He represented the life force and was a symbol of masculine power. The Red Planet named just after him was also identified as Nergal, the god of fire and war, in ancient Babylon. This was really vital so that men and women knew when to plant and harvest crops.

Maressa Brown is a journalist and astrologer who’s a regular life style contributor and resident astrologer for InStyle. Getting the 1st sign of the zodiac is not lost on Aries. Here’s what you want to know about the competitive, dynamic fire sign. Stay in touch with changing planetary events by joining Susan’s e-mail list and getting her Newsletter.

Also appreciate how you comply with the story telling by means of history. Wonder Woman searching for Ares, the god of War, in the globe of Males, in a quest to finish war and affirm the power of appreciate and truth. Aries wants to master his fighting spirit and channel his aggressive power into constructive growth. According to Dana Gerhardt, the labour of Hercules that depicts Aries is the taming of the wild horses that belong to the barbaric King Diomedes.

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Aries is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal publishing articles and book critiques in English, French, German, and Italian. Since 2007, ARIES has been constructing the initial ‘Wikipedia-like’ open-supply platform for interoperable data and models, by means of AI. Elementally, air fuels fire, and the coupling of mutable air sign Gemini and cardinal fire sign Aries is no exception. Gemini is adaptable adequate continue reading this.. to weather Aries’ tempestuousness, whilst Gemini’s ever-shifting moods and conversational prowess hold Aries interested. It took a dynamic Gemini like Annette Bening to tame the flame of Aries playboy Warren Beatty. In correct Aries style, Beatty claims to have fallen in enjoy with Bening inside 5 minutes of their first date.

These days Polluxis evidently the brighter of the two stars although its Beta () designation would recommend that it is second-brightest. Nevertheless, it appears that stellar brightness was not the only element which Bayer made use of when allotting the letters to the stars. 41 arietis is a triple-star method in the Aries constellation. The brightest component is a blue-white dwarf star and has the name Bharani. The apparent magnitude is 3.61 which indicates you can see it with out the want for a telescope.

King Erichthonius was credited with inventing the quadriga, the four horse chariot. Auriga is the Charioteer constellation, and in Greek mythology a variety of stories are told of who the charioteer is meant to represent. The Argo was constructed by Argos, from a design of Athena, and was partially created with magical wood from Dodona. The Argo would prosperous navigate to and from Colchis, encountering, and surviving, lots of dangers on the voyage. Immediately after successfully returning to Iolcus, the Argo was consecrated to Poseidon, and its likeness placed amongst the stars, although the hulk of the ship rotted away.

Their genuine mother sent a winged ram with golden wool to save them from death and the ram flew east to Colchis with the children on its back. Sadly, Helle fell to her death en route but Phrixus survived the journey and was welcomed by the king of Colchis. Her function can also be located at Business News Daily and KM Globe. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Glassboro State College.

ARIES is the very first of the 12 zodiac signs – and it comes ahead of Taurus. The moon, which spends about two to 3 days in each and every sign, influences your feelings and intuition. If it was in Aries at the time of your birth, you are fast to dive into relationships and live for instant gratification. You’ll lose your cool swiftly but regain composure just as quick.

Apollo and Gaia discussed the predicament, and they decided Orion had to go. To accomplish this, Gaia created a giant scorpion referred to as Scorpio that would hunt its hunter. Once Orion caught wind of this, he knew he would shed. Astraea is most typically believed of as the goddess of justice, but she can also be referred to as the virgin goddess. It is thought that she took the Golden Age of Man with her when she left for the heavens in disgust.

Ares can be the valiant warrior and hero, but look callous in it is single mindedness also. Zeus took the image of a ram Hera, became a white cowArtemis became a catHermes turned into an ibis, whilst Ares became a wild boar. He dwelt in a cave high up in the rocky, snowy sides of Mount Pelion. He was the oldest and wisest of all the centaurs and very powerful.

Hunting Orion: Suggestions To Spot A Famous Constellation

All these empires faced a lot of of the same opportunities, challenges, and constraints in their expansion, administration, upkeep, contraction, and dissolution. By the same token, landed empires bear comparison to empires with overseas colonies where administrative strategies and center-periphery relations are concerned. In summer 1962,Constellationwas transferred to the Pacific Fleet and CVG-13 was disestablished. For the two-month trip about Cape Horn to her new home port of San Diego, Calif.,Constellationembarked components of CVG-five and departed Mayport, Fla., on 25 July. In NovemberConstellation, with CVG-14 on board, began workup workout routines for her upcoming maiden deployment to the western Pacific as a element of the Seventh Fleet (February–September 1963).

Wherever feasible, these modern constellations are named following their Graeco-Roman forefathers, such as Orion, Leo, or Scorpius. This system’s aim is location-mapping, or dividing the celestial sphere into continuous regions. Lacaille investigated the southern hemisphere stars from the Cape of Excellent Hope from 1751 to 1752, seeing extra than ten,000 stars with a .5-inch (13-mm) refracting telescope. Stars in constellations could possibly appear close to every single other in the sky, but a considerable distance normally separates them from the Earth. Mainly because every single star moves independently, all constellations will alter gradually over time, and familiar contours will become unrecognizable more than tens to hundreds of thousands of years.

In addition to those eight constellations listed above, the nearby star clusters include Canis Minor, Gemini, Hydra, Leo, Leo Minor, and Lynx. The following table list the most crucial stars in the Leo constellation sorted by their magnitude. As you can see, the brighter stars have proper names simply because they could be noticed in the evening sky due to the fact ancient instances.

Its original name was Horologium Oscillitorium, or “the pendulum clock.” Lacaille named the constellation after the pendulum clock to honour its inventor, Christiaan Huygens. Cetus constellation represents the sea monster sent by Poseidon to ravage King Cepheus’ land following his wife Cassiopeia had boasted that she was much more attractive than the Nereids. Cepheus constellation represents King Cepheus of Aethiopia (a area that contained parts of present-day Egypt, Jordan and Israel), husband of Cassiopeia and father of Andromeda. The constellations representing Cassiopeia, Andromeda and Perseus lie in the identical area of the sky. Skyview Lite – a star-gazing telephone application for identifying the stars, constellations, and so forth.

See its brightest stars in the image under, which can be clicked for a full-screen version. Boötes has an region of 907 square degrees and is the 13th largest of the 88 recognized constellations. You might recognize its renowned star Arcturus, which is the 3rd brightest person star in the sky, or its kite-shaped asterism.

He gets a glint in his eyes when he thinks about his most loved stories. According to Shin Yoosung, his nostrils flare when he lies. He has a distinctive smile, at times described as “unlucky” by his party members and unique sufficient in nature that individuals recognize him by it. The celestial coordinates refer to the meteor shower radiant position, i.e. the point in the sky where the meteors appear to come from. The ZHR worth refers to the Zenithal Hourly Rate, i.e. the typical number of meteors an person observer could see in an hour, assuming perfectly dark sky conditions. This number is an estimate, the actual number an observer could see depends on the actual intensity of the shower and on the actual sky circumstances.

To calculate, begin with total shares outstanding and subtract the quantity of restricted shares. Restricted stock usually is that issued to company insiders with limits on when it may perhaps be traded.Dividend YieldA company’s dividend expressed as a percentage of its existing stock price. The classical northern constellations probably were formed in prehistoric Mesopotamia the Greeks likely picked them up c. 500 B.C.E., and Claudius Ptolemy (c. 90-c. 168) of Alexandria codified 48 of them, all nonetheless current, in his “Almagest” (2c.).

1st Chinese star catalogs had been produced in the 4th century BC. This NASA graphic presents an introduction to the constellations visible in the Southern Hemisphere. When such attacks hit opponents, she will regenerate Power next for all nearby celebration members.

The initial sign of the zodiac, Aries loves to be number a single. Naturally, this dynamic fire sign is no stranger to competitors. Bold and ambitious, Aries dives headfirst into even the most challenging situations—and they’ll make positive they constantly come out on top! If you have been taking into consideration acquiring a constellation tattoo, you definitely have to go to the best of the most effective.

Standing collectively around the hide of the ox they had just consumed, the gods urinated on it and told Hyrieus to bury the hide. From it in due course was born a boy whom Hyrieus named Urion after the mode of his conception. In Greek) is the most splendid of constellations, befitting a character who was in legend the tallest and most handsome of guys. His appropriate shoulder and left foot are marked by the brilliant stars Betelgeuse and Rigel, with a distinctive line of three stars forming his belt. ‘No other constellation more accurately represents the figure of a man’, says Germanicus Caesar. The Greeks adopted the Babylonian technique in the 4th century BC.

The story goes that Arcas turned to see his mother although becoming placed in the sky and so the Little Bear curves towards the Great Bear. In fact the Polaris, or the North Star, is a aspect of the Small Bear. Quite a few are familiar with the zodiac constellations which are the ones that are situated in a band that is around 20 degrees wide in the sky. This band is revered because it’s the spot exactly where the sun, moon, and planets all move. The International Astronomical Union officially defined 88 constellations in 1929.

These values also assume that Beidou collects her personal counter particles. Around 4 procs of Electro Resonance particles are incorporated. As getting full counters off regularly can be challenging based on enemy AI, more values are supplied for ER ranges under the assumption that only tap counters are performed.

Virgo Horoscope 2022: Currently Horoscope, Weekly And Month-to-month Virgo Astrology Prediction

They believe that weddings are social schemes to fulfil the social norms. As soon as they are married, they are the most effective husbands in the Earth. They make certain that they supply every luxury and comfort to their spouse.

They have a sturdy sense of time and order, so routine tasks that need regularity and consistency enable them really feel organized and grounded on the activity at hand. Workplaces that enable them to help handle or be a portion of a nicely-administered group with distinct responsibilities will enable them to put their skills to great use. The element of Virgo is earth, the heaviest and most solid substance, which according to ancient astrologers was the densest form of matter. Earth stands for almost everything organic that exists simply because it delivers the structure and tangible foundation on which all other types could be built. For the reason that of this, Virgo’s appreciate for efficiency, knowledge, and resourcefulness are all comparable to the earth element’s structural function and tangible presence. Virgo natives ought to be cautious not to fall into compulsive or obsessive behaviors as effectively as down the rabbit hole of self-diagnosis.

Virgos are ordinarily pretty cautious, but they may possibly hit their credit card limit speedily! After they study how to method credit, they endeavor to settle their debts swiftly. Other folks are frequently pretty excited to invest in Virgo they may well generate a lot of buzz for their business enterprise acumen. They are typically on the cutting edge of finance and can in all probability explain what an NFT is.

Mercury in Virgo folks usually have a keen, perceptive thoughts. They are also quite receptive, considerate, and tuned into their heightened nervous technique responses to help them navigate their alternatives and actions. Virgo’s element is earth, the heaviest and most solid element, thought by ancient astrologers to be the densest kind of matter. Earth represents the quite sneak a peek at this web-site. structure that all of nature is built with and upon, and without having it nothing at all could take a material kind. Virgo’s affinity for becoming effective, skilled, and resourceful are all akin to the structure and tangibility of the earth element. To this day, Virgo has held this connection with planting, expanding, harvesting food, and herbal medicine.

A cusp “marks the beginning of a house or a sign,” so this is the point where the astrological signs Leo and Virgo meet. The Virgo emoji ♍ normally depicts the symbol of Virgo, which resembles a letter M with a curl. This song explores the sexual side of the earth sign, which does not generally get the respect it deserves for graciously bringing tantalizing power to almost everything it does. Is it fair to say that “Virgo’s Groove” could be the next fantastic booty contact song? Yes, and it is not only for the sign, which is ruled by the planet Mercury. No matter what zodiac you fall below, chances are you will appreciate bumping and grinding on the dance floor — or in the bedroom — to Bey’s immediately classic new bop.

Quite a few Virgos grow to be journalists or authors for this explanation. Natural-born caregivers, they can also make superb nurses, doctors, and therapists. The Virgo sign is ruled by the Earth, and this zodiac sign has the ability to stay grounded in turbulent conditions. They could seem modest or closed off at initially glance, but that’s mainly because they’re meticulously evaluating their environment.

They’re the friend who feels far more like a large sister or the yoga instructor whose flows and speeches appear intuitively, completely attuned to the moment. Virgo natives are practical, pragmatic and intelligent by nature. You are the most analytical and organized individual of the zodiac wheel. Having said that, you are a actual mixture of intelligence and logic. You really like studying, analyzing, forming opinions and judgments, evaluating and methodically weighing up every thing you do. You possess a perfection-oriented viewpoint that makes you exceptionally accurate, efficient, and diligent men and women.

This makes them gentle, caring, loving, accountable nurturers – but these nurturers will anticipate you to stick to their strict sets of rules. Virgos are fantastic list-makers you will come across them with a list for virtually anything. Virgo, substantially like its symbolism, is feminine, lady-like graceful and duty-bound.

With the upcoming Eclipse illuminating your sector of hidden info, you may possibly obtain oneself attuned to the more subtle energies of others. Take breaks when essential and ruminate on what you want to accomplish in the year ahead. Birthday season catapults you into a transformed version of self, and you are additional social than ever.

Virgo rules the digestive technique, which tends to make these earth signs in particular attuned to the ingredients that make up a entire — in meals and in every thing else. Relationships are easy to keep with Virgos – who appreciate to show and share their really like, but are not needy themselves. They adore to invest time with loved ones that they hold dear, and they make for terrific mates to maintain around. They are normally prepared to help their loved ones in instances of have to have, and will be there for you in occasions of thick and thin. Their family suggests a lot to them and they will do something that they will need to do to hold relationships powerful and wholesome in that department. They do tend to get caught up in household drama nevertheless, as they are nosy and sometimes intrusive, but all in the interest of the individual that they hold dear.

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As a fixed Water-sign placement, Scorpio-increasing people today need privacy and are prone to secrecy. They can be described as power hungry by others when they have their eye set on something their Plutonian energy is prone to control, intensity, and jealousy, and is normally up for a challenge. These folks do superior than most in scenarios that involve youngsters, animals, and foreign travel, as they are masterful with nonverbal communication, bordering on a sort of telekinesis. Their innate psychic abilities enable them to fully grasp other people’s situations with no ever having been in a related position. When the planet around them is in disarray, it’s all-natural for other people to turn to them in these moments of destruction and darkness, as they themselves are very comfortable with the uncomfortable.

How Did The Constellation Orion Get Its Name?

It is a supernova candidate that will explode in the near future. Bellatrix is a blue star situated at around 250 light-years away from us. It has about 575% of our Sun’s radius, about 860% of its mass, and it is about 9.211 instances brighter.

The Horsehead Nebula was first discovered in 1888 by Williamina Fleming. It received it’s name thanks to the the shape of its dark dust clouds and gases which resembled the head of a horse. Orion’s Shield is created up of six stars, all of which are situated west from Bellatrix. They are known as Pi Orionis — Pi1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6. The Orion’s Head asterism is created up of 3 stars — Meissa — Lambda Orionis — and Phi-1 and Phi-2.

It has been a known visual binary considering that 1831, possibly even earlier, when F. Your job is difficult and multifaceted — politically, economically and culturally. Balancing workforce safety, accountability and policy compliance with complex administrative and operational processes is not possible utilizing ad hoc procedures augmented by spreadsheets.

There are 14 stars in total that, when linked with each other, kind the shape of Orion the Hunter. Orion’s appearance at evening varies slightly in between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere but the constellation is visible about the globe. When Orion is higher and bright in the middle of the sky, you can use it to discover other constellations.

These two constellations are locked in an eternal chase across the heavens. We’ll obtain out why when we appear at the myths behind them. Stories of the death of Orion are numerous and conflicting. Astronomical mythographers such as Aratus, Eratosthenes and Hyginus had been agreed that a scorpion was involved. In 1 version, told by Eratosthenes and Hyginus, Orion boasted that he was the greatest of hunters. He declared to Artemis, the goddess of hunting, and Leto, her mother, that he could kill any beast on Earth.

Two seasons will pass just before he returns to the evening sky, but he will return as robust and vibrant as just before. Close to Earth, fairly speaking, at a distance of about 550 light-years, Betelgeuse is what’s known as a semi-regular variable star. It naturally brightens and darkens over a period of roughly 400 days. Who, according to the Pyramid Texts, became wonderful by eating the flesh of his mortal enemies and then slaying and devouring the gods themselves.

Richard Henry Horne, writing in the generation immediately after Keats and Hazlitt, penned the 3 volume epic poem Orion in 1843. It went into at least ten editions and was reprinted by the Scholartis Press in 1928. From this association he turns Orion into a representative of the old mead-drinking cultures, overcome by the wine masters Oenopion and Oeneus.

Interstellar clouds like the Orion Nebula are located all through galaxies such as the Milky Way. They start as gravitationally-bound blobs of cold, neutral hydrogen, intermixed with traces of other elements. The cloud can contain sneak a peek at this web-site hundreds of thousands of solar masses and extend for hundreds of light years. The tiny force of gravity that could compel the cloud to collapse is counter-balanced by the extremely faint stress of the gas in the cloud.

Nicknamed the ‘hidden planetary’, the trick is to employ a huge aperture and an OIII filter. Other pyramids in Mexico are pointed towards Orion’s Belt as effectively. If only 1 asterism received considerably consideration from us, picture how several other thrilling items the constellation of Orion hosts!

He was brought forth from a bull hide that Zeus, Poseidon, and Hermes sent down in to the ground to give King Hyrieus a son. Orion was subsequently noticed by Odysseus in the Underworld, for the Greek hero observed Orion hunting the wild beasts identified within the realm of Hades. The likeness of Orion even though was to be located in the heavens, for Artemis was stated to have asked Zeus to place the hunter there.

Orion is 1 of the easiest constellations to identify in the evening sky. “The Hunter” formation of stars is unmistakable, even from the city. Orion’s Belt is the most striking function of the formation, 3 bright stars in a row that create an imperfect line. The intensely red star at the upper left of Orion should also stand out. This diffuse nebula is estimated to be about 24 light-years across and is the closest region of active star formation to Earth.

The blue-violet coloration is the reflected radiation from the enormous O-class stars at the core of the nebula. Theta1 (θ1) orionis, the middle star in Orion’s Sword, shines at magnitude four.2. When observed through a modest telescope, even so, it resolves into four stars referred to as the Trapezium. The stars A, B, C, and D received their designations according to their ideal ascensions, not their brightnesses. Star A shines at magnitude six.7, B at magnitude eight., C at magnitude five.1, and D at magnitude 6.7. If your sky is steady, an 8-inch scope may perhaps reveal 11th-magnitude E and F.

The very same 3 stars are recognized in Spain and most of Latin America as “Las tres Marías” (Spanish for “The 3 Marys”). In Puerto Rico, the three stars are recognized as the “Los Tres Reyes Magos” . In Siberia, the Chukchi individuals see Orion as a hunter an arrow he has shot is represented by Aldebaran , with the similar figure as other Western depictions. Bugis sailors identified the three stars in Orion’s Belt as tanra tellué, meaning “sign of three”. Its brightest stars are Rigel and Betelgeuse , a blue-white and a red supergiant respectively. A lot of of the other brighter stars in the constellation are hot, blue supergiant stars.

During that time, the season in the Southern Hemisphere is summer season. Observers from the south of the equator can see Orion’s Belt through summer time months. From anywhere on Earth, the finest time to see the Celestial Hunter’s Belt is at 9 pm during the first month of the year, in January. Their distance to a single another is another issue that makes them stand out among other stars. Now, the Terrific Nebula in Orion is a preferred target for amateur astronomers each visually and photographically.

Cancer Constellation Photographs And Premium Higher Res Pictures

This constellation was named the Tortoise by the Babylonians and the Scarab beetle by the Egyptians. The Greeks named it “the Gate of Males”, simply because they believed that it was by way of this constellation that souls took possession of bodies at birth. Cancer the constellation was named for its resemblance to a cluster of malignant cells. 55 Cancri is a quintuple planet system with four gas giants and one terrestrial planet.

On a dark night, the Beehive will appear as a faint cloud to naked eye. A two star technique around 300 light years from Earth, the brightest of the two is a white giant when the other is a white key sequence star. Also recognized as Beta Cancri and the brightest star in the constellation, Altarf is an orange giant about 290 light years from Earth, the star is around 50 occasions bigger in diameter than our sun. The Northern constellation of Cancer, the Crab, is greatest viewed in Spring for the duration of the month of March. The boundary of the Cancer constellation includes 10 stars that host recognized exoplanets. Cancer constellation is familiar with two Messier objects and has only two stars with identified planets.

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It is a comparatively dim constellation given that its brightest star is only fourth magnitude. Cancer is one of the very first 48 Greek constellations, very first listed by the renowned astronomer, Ptolemy, in his 2nd century Almagest. The most effective time of the year to observe Tarf, and the other stars and deep-sky objects situated in Cancer, is during March when the constellation is the most prominent in the sky.

The monster grows two new heads every time a head is reduce off and it represents the fertility of the sign, which has a natural motherly soul. To defeat the Hydra, Heracles has to burn its heads one particular by one particular with a glowing ember. When Heracles has virtually completed the job, Hera sends a large crab that fiercely bites the heel of the hero to make him shed his balance. Heracles tramples more than it and kills it, succeeding in slaying the monster.

Certainly, these wall decals are a completely swift, easy, inexpensive way to add a tiny character to your walls and your property. Consumer service goes above and beyond their responsibilities to insure I was pleased see this with my order I most lately produced a mistake with. I began a “places I’ve lived or traveled to wall” for our son and he loves these gifts. How did it originate, and what do all these symbols and constellations imply?

The astrological symbol for Cancer is ♋, and the constellation sits in the sky among Gemini to the west and Leo to the east. Other nearby constellations involve Lynx to the north and Canis Minor and Hydra to the south. Throughout 1 of Hercules’ twelve labors, he faced the sea monster Hydra in combat. Hera, a revengeful goddess who wished Hercules to fail, sent the crab Karkinos to distract the hero in combat and enable the Hydra to defeat him.

It is composed of two binary stars, Zeta-1 Cancri and Zeta-2 Cancri, that are separated by 5.06 arc seconds. Cancer is the faintest of the Zodiac constellations and is challenging to see. A check out to the local Planetarium where they can simulate a evening sky with no lights will assist you to spot Cancer in the sky. This ancient Greco-Egyptian astronomer lived between 90 AD and 168 AD. It was one of the initial objects Galileo observed with his telescope in 1609.

Cancer was recognized by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy, who very first recorded the constellation in the 2nd century. 86k JPEG M67 is described as a condensed, quite vibrant (mag. 6.9) and significant (30′) open cluster. In Malaysian myths, Cancer was the “First and Only Crab” which existed long ago, the primal or mother crab from which all crabs came. It was a huge crustacean who lived in a deep hole in the sea. This hole was so huge that the crab’s coming and goings from it would bring about the ocean tides.

Acubens is a star method, and the principal component has a magnitude of around four.20, and as such, it is a rather dim star, just barely visible to the naked eye. Even so, in terms of its luminosity, it is roughly 23 instances extra luminous than our Sun. The star system is believed to be approximately one particular hundred and 64 light years away from Earth, and since it is near the ecliptic, it is often occulted by our moon. Α Cancri A is the principal element of the method, and it has a companion, α Cancri B. There is some evidence that suggests α Cancri A is truly a binary star.

Tarf is a extremely energetic star, becoming 871 occasions brighter than our Sun. The surface gravity on this star has been estimated at about 1.5 cgs, and it is quite a cool star, significantly cooler than our Sun, possessing surface typical temperatures that reach 3,990 K. Beta Cancri is known as Tarf, or Altarf, which is the star’s classic name. This name is of Arabic origin and may well translate to “end” or “edge”, referencing the star’s position in its constellation, as it marks a single of the celestial legs of the crab. Its companion star is a red dwarf of the fourteenth magnitude. Tarf is also a pretty energetic star, becoming 871 instances brighter than our Sun.

Delicate with a pendant crafted with a subtle crystal that, when light touches it, envelops any one in its mystic. It was first detected at radio wavelengths for the duration of the course of the Ohio Sky Survey. Its central supermassive black hole is among the largest identified, with a mass of 18 billion solar masses, additional than six instances the value calculated for the prior biggest object. Shipping Free of charge Insured 5 day Shipping for US orders and free of charge international shipping for orders of $450 or a lot more. For other utilizes, see Cancer.Star chart of several constellations. Aratos named it Karkinos, which Hipparchos and Ptolemy followed the Carcinus of the AlfonsineTables becoming the Latinized kind of the Greek word.

This is the Beehive Cluster, M44, an open cluster situated at the heart of Cancer. This file contains further data such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program system utilized to develop or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some information such as the timestamp may possibly not fully reflect these of the original file. The timestamp is only as correct as the clock in the camera, and it may well be absolutely incorrect. The oldest figure could be the Venus of Berekat Ram, but the claim is contested. If true, it dates to 250–280,000 years old and was likely carved by Homo erectus.